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January 9, 2012 at 10:11pm

please pray for me.

my classes are a little bit insane. making me a little bit insane as well.

but praise God for two things: one, I didn’t get into the class that I was dying to get into. New Testament with Burge. Though I hear endless positive feedback about this certain class and prof. I also heard he is extremely hard. I am also taking two other extremely hard bible classes. (One of them: Hebrew Exegesis might be the hardest class I ever take in my college career). So…maybe I don’t need another extremely hard prof. Praise God. I was being super stubborn and stupid about it. Spoiled and pouty. He is still refining me.

two, my two hardest classes this semester will be both core requirements for my Biblical studies major. Praise God. I am learning something not only I am passionate about, but in something I need more depth in. 

but please pray for me. Just going over the syllabus makes me nervous and want to throw up inside. please pray that God will make me a diligent student, never losing the passion to learn and study for the Kingdom. please pray that I enjoy studying. please pray that I will continue working (on campus job) to pay off payments successfully. please pray that in moments of throwing up, I would indeed run into His arms of comfort and peace. Not to ignore the problems, but to find the strength to go back to the battle zone.

may this semester truly be “For Christ and His Kingdom.”


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